About us

We here at Anvil A&S believe in personal responsibility. Whether that be in the form of picking up after ourselves after a weekend of camping, to providing security to our families, we do our best to uphold that belief. We aim to equip and educate not only ourselves, but to also provide the same opportunity to anyone who has similar views. By offering the highest quality products that we are capable of providing, as well as resources to the highest quality information we can acquire discussing basic firearm safety and concepts like practical training, we intend to encourage the pursuit of knowledge and further grow that sense of individual responsibility in as many people as possible. 

The products and information we try to provide on our platform are able to be applied by private citizens as well as law enforcement and military personnel alike. Whether it be for private or occupational use, we strive to meet as many of the end user’s needs as we can. We hope to foster a sense of growth for everyone, from the brand new first time firearm owner to the more experienced members of the community. Whether you are just starting to learn about kit, like armor, or are looking for a new piece of gear to run at work or in competition we strive to do our best to meet your needs.