When do we ship?

We ship as quickly as possible, but allow for 3-5 days generally speaking. 

How do I make a return?

If there’s something wrong with the product you bought, send us an email at anvilresponse@gmail.com and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind there is a 30 day window to make returns upon delivery of said product. 

Can I get something in a different color?

You can get any color that we have in stock.

Can I pay for something in installments?

No, that isn’t something we offer. 

Can I purchase firearms through you?

That is not something we currently offer. 

How often do you restock?

We try to stay ahead of the demand, but sourcing materials can take time. If you have questions about our current stock please feel free to email us. Lead times may vary. 

Can I pre order a product before it’s restocked? 

Not currently. We operate on a first come first serve basis.


If there are any other questions that are not listed here feel free to email us! 

 Email: anvilresponse@gmail.com