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AK Triple Mag Pouch

AK Triple Mag Pouch

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Made to help bridge the gap between Western and Eastern gear, and provide a more affordable option to keep AK pattern magazines on your person for when you need them most. Our mag pouch/mag shingle was made using AK pmags for fitment, and they should accommodate most other 762x39 magazines. Designed to work with any plate carrier/chest rig that has a front opening velcro closure, just insert your magazines, stick them onto your carrier and adjust your cumberbund to the desired level of retention most comfortable for you.  

We worked WITH the quirks of the 762x39 magazine rather than against them. Namely the curvature, and the locking tabs. Both were taken into account to provide an extra layer of retention. When inserted the tabs catch onto the bottom edge of the material to ensure they won't fall out, and to draw simply pull one out while following the curvature of the magazine, similar to how you would rock one into your rifle. This small detail negates the need for shock cord, and gives you quick access to more ammunition. 

NOTE: Materials are not always easy to get, especially in certain colors. Currently we offer black X ranger green and might offer limited runs on other options in the future. Email us and let us know what colors you'd like to see! 

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